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Business Intelligence and Data Analysis Consulting
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Discover Patterns in the hidden data to Make the Right Decisions
Analythica® will create visualizations, dashboards, and apps that answer your company’s most important questions. Now you can see the whole story that lives within your data.

Why Business Intelligence is Important to Your Business

In general terms, Business Intelligence empowers executives to make better and more profitable decisions in terms of how to cut costs, see new opportunities, react quickly to news and other developments, make processes more efficient, gain competitive advantages, obtain leverage in relationships and negotiations, and optimize price points.

At its core, Business Intelligence is the use of data together with statistical analysis, mathematical tools, algorithms and domain knowledge to answer questions such as these:

What has happened?

What is happening?

Why is it happening?

What will happen?

What do we want to happen?

Why Choose Analythica?

 Our purpose is to place the Small Business Owner on an Equal playing field as the Big Enterprises.

It is well known that Small Business Entrepreneurs quite often do not have the time to spend it on the analysis of the information gathered through their computer systems, be it a POS, CRM or Accounting Software nor the money to spend on a specialized software and hardware solution that might fit their needs, flexible enough and at an affordable price.

This is due to the fact, that most of the time these entrepreneurs in today’s small business ventures are "Jack of all trades"; operating and managing the business 24/7 and with a very tight bottom line moneywise. They are involved in all business areas such as operations, purchasing and procurement, selling, advertising, inventory control, accounting, banking, etc. thus very little or no time is left to be able to see the big picture and answer the questions or implement solutions that are relevant to the business success in the long term.

In our surveys and polls with today’s SME millennials, most of them ask themselves, “what am I doing wrong? If I am working really hard, spending all my time, talent and dedication to the business, why the business is not as profitable as it should and why things are not happening as originally planned?”

The answer is simple: One does not have the time to study the business performance from a different and objective perspective that may tell us what is happening and what should be done to enhance business performance and the bottom line.

Analythica was created precisely to address and solve this common ill that pervades small businesses. Our aim is to help these young and old Entrepreneurs to succeed with a custom made, one touch reporting on key business elements, such as:

  1. Take control of their own destiny with real time analytics reporting which is custom made.
  2. We provide solutions to non-preforming areas of your business which is highlighted by our tool.
  3. We make our services in a simplistic fashion that is understandable and affordable to SME Millennials.
  4. Invest in your success where you are supported 24/7/365.
  5. Learn more about keeping your business with cutting edge Technology as the World turns digital.  

One of the most important reasons why you need to invest in an effective BI solution, is because such a solution can improve efficiency within your organization and as a result, increase productivity and profitability.

Today, businesses of all sizes and types that do not start using  BI tools  for the decision-taking process will be left behind.